Ako Fishing Port at Miyake-jima Island                         
34 04.070N 139 28.650E

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Ako Fishing Port at Miyake-jima Island
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May 8, 2012
Ako Fishing Port is a good port for yachties.
The port has a quay with wide open space where you may moor anytime.
It is calm inside the port, even when stormy sea outside.
As fishing boats washes are little for some reason, you may sleep well inside your boat.
There is a supermarket at which you may buy meat, vegetables, fish and so on. Water is available for 24 hours.
A bidet-equipped TOTO Washlet toilet. Bathhouse, coin laundry and gas stand are nearby.
A good port for your long stay.

Approaching Ago Fishing Port:
When I approached Miyake-jima Island from north, there was 1.5 to little under 2.0kt head tide.
Neared the island, the head tide had got stronger to 2.0 to 2.5kt.

Watching a white lighthouse at the end of a long breakwater on your left, and watching a small yellow mark with light on your right, you move into the port.
Turn right to go around behind the small yellow mark.
Then you will see a small white lighthouse ahead on your left.
Turn left along the narrow water route at the foot of the small white lighthouse.

Now you will have a wide view of the port.
You will see a local fishing boats pool on your right and a quay with wide open space on your left.
The left-hand quay in west is for your berthing.
While you see a couple of fishing boats there, there is enough space to moor many yachts.

When I stayed there, a young lady came and asked me to fill out papers to keep visitors records.
She was polite and said that the papers are for the office of the port and the airport.
Then, the quay is not managed by Gyokyo, Fisheries Cooperative Association. No fee was required.

I took water at Sabigahama Beach camp site 7 minutes walk away.
I didn’t confirm if the water is available at Gyokyo.
The bidet-equipped TOTO Washlet toilet is also at the camp site.

Another toilet is at Tokai Kisen ferry station.
Hotel Kairaku has a restaurant, JPY 500 bathhouse and JPY 200 coin laundry:
Another bathhouse for JPY 500 is at Furusato-no-yu 7 minutes away.
There are some restaurants.
Fuel is available 6 minutes away. You may ask their delivery service, I think.
Tsuchiya Shokuhin is a mid-size supermarket with poor variety of meat and vegetables.
Prices were higher than Tokyo.

Additional Information for English Version

Miyake-jima is widely known with its active volcano.
The island was completely closed for five years after an eruption in 2000, for example.
Visit Miyake Village English site:


Kuroshio, a strong tidal stream, is running around Miyake-jima.
As Kuroshio changes its course frequently, check Japan Coast Guard weekly-updated report:


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