Atetsu Port of Amami-oshima
28 11.200N 129 17.200E

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April 26, 2007
Atetsu is near Koniya, 4.6 nm away. It is very calm and safe even with a typhoon.
As it is well protected with hills, I had an uncanny silence like at a lake in a highland.
It is like Aburatsubo port near Tokyo.
There are two big buoys of the coast guard, at which you could moor only for a day.

The strong feature of Atetsu is that it is a typhoon heaven where you can leave your boat and go home.
Kasai-san in Koniya put two buoys by himself, at which you can tie up your boat.
There is also a pontoon at which you can moor for a couple of days short period.

Mr. Kasai also made a cottage called Sailors Heaven, which has western style flush toilets, hot showers and a laundry machine.
You go to the shore with Kasai-san’s tender.

No food shop or restaurant. No convenient.
My mobile phone connection was not so good. Here, enjoy the great nature.

I stayed there for three weeks. The fee was JPY 1,000 a day.
The fee for the facility, such as toilet and shower, at Sailors Heaven was JPY 500 a day.

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