Doren Port of Kakeroma-jima island, Amami-oshima
28 06.760N 129 20.330E

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April 29, 2007
Ikenma is a picturesque place in Kakeroma-jima island on the opposite shore of Koniya.
It is 2.4 nm away from Koniya and has ferry services. I recommend your visit by boat.

Berth: There is a pier for the local sightseeing boat. It is being used only when they have visitors.
The length is short though, tie up alongside the pier.

A restaurant which is open only on season is a little bit away. Other than that, there is no shop or toilet. Enjoy the nature.
Water can be taken at a nearest house.

People say that foreign boats are anchoring near the pier and stay overnight.
You may tie up alongside the pier and stay overnight.
I didn’t meet him though, there is a yachty who came from Yokohama and is now living here.

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 Berth. Pier for the local sightseeing boat  Berth
 Doren Port  Pier for the local sightseeing boat