Hakodate Port
41 47.700N 140 41.930E

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Hakodate Port
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August 15, 2009
Approaching Hakodate Port:
Passing the red lighthouse at 41 47.700N 140 41.930E to your right, move into the port.
In front of the red lighthouse, there is a one-line breakwater which “looks” blocking your course.

The breakwater which has the red lighthouse at the north end runs south and has a cut line (i.e. a narrow open waterway) on its way.
Taking a shortcut, I went through this cut line to move into the port.

As located in front of Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse which is a center of Hakadate City sightseeing spots, the berth is very convenient.
Mizuno-san who has a shop in the Warehouse gives facilities to visitor yachts.

The berth is located behind Green Island and in front of the Warehouse though, it is hard to find first time.
When I approached the port, a friend of Mizuno-san guided me and helped mooring, because an event was being held in Hakodate.

If the inner area is open, you may moor your boat bow-to without your stern anchoring.
Your stern line can be tied up to the opposite side quay.

After mooring, you go to Mizuno-san’s shop for the port clearance.
The accessory shop “Chart House” is in Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. Phone 0138-27-3663   https://hakodate-kanemori.com/en

There are many restaurants.
There is a COOP supermarket with a wide range of goods 7 minutes walk away.

There are also many public bath houses though, you walk for 15 minutes I recommend you  “Taisho-yu” bath house which has a good atmosphere and a coin laundry. There is no coin laundry near the berth. You take a 25 minute walk or a bus service between bus stops of Juji-gai and Irifune-cho.
Yachigashira Onsen (hot spring) at the third stop of the tramway is very good either.
There seems to be no 24 hour open toilet. The nearest one is open from 10:00am.
Mizuno-san allowed me to use a water tap at the wall of the Warehouse.
I carried the fuel from an Idemitsu gas stand at a nearest boulevard.

Additional Information for English Version
Hakodate City in Hokkaido has many famous sightseeing spots. Visit its English site:http://www.hakodate.travel/en/
Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse in front of the berth is one of the sightseeing spots:
http://www.hakodate-kanemori.com/en/Long distance Voyagers Association in Japan (LVAJ) is making an English pilot of Hakodate and other ports:

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