Ikenma Port of Kakeroma-jima island, Amami-oshima
28 06.200N 129 19.200E

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April 29, 2007
Ikenma is a picturesque place in Kakeroma-jima island on the opposite shore of Koniya.
It is 2.4 nm away from Koniya and has ferry services. I recommend your visit by boat.

Shodon is 30 minutes walk away.
Berth: Move between small breakwaters to enter the port.
Then, moor your boat bow-to at the quay on your front.
You may stay here for a few days.

When I approached first time, I tried to tie up at the back of the breakwater on the left.
But, a man on shore waving his hand showed me the front quay to moor.
He was a French guy living here for years and doing maintenance work on his 36ft boat.
He gave me a good advice that, as there is a dent in the lower back of the breakwater,
the boat will be sucked into there at ebb tide and broken.

There are water, toilet and a restaurant at the ferry landing place.
I didn’t confirm though, people say a food shop is also there.

I saw two always-mooring local boats there. In 2006 autumn, I also saw two long-stay big foreign boats inside of the outer breakwater.

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