Isso Port in Yaku-shima island
30 27.4000N130 29.4000E  

Sep 28, 2006
Google Map Miyanoura Port in Yaku-shima islandIsso Port in Yaku-shima island
Google Map Isso Port in Yaku-shima islandKuchinoerabu island

A beautiful port, kind people, a quiet and down-to-earth town.

Berth: Moor bow-to at East quay which is on your left after entering the port.
The quay was sparsely crowded. I asked Fisheries Cooperative office though, no problem.

There were two no-moving boats tied up alongside at North quay.
I thought mooring alongside there could be OKed.
While the area in front of the loading place is empty at daytime,
as it is crowded with returning fishing boats in the morning,
the back of the port can not be berths.

Toilet with western styles at the 10-minute-awy park is clean.
Shopping: Only a small food shop.
Water at the fishing port.
No coin laundry or no bathhouse. A hot spring is 2 km away.

The bus services are no good compared to Miyanoura.
Without rent-a-car, Miyanoura is a better base place for sightseeing.
I had thought the fishing industry was more active in Isso than Miyanoura though,
only less small boats were working here.
A Miyanoura’s Fisheries Cooperative office is at Isso

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