Kanegusuku Port in Kumejima island
26 19.6300 126 45.3200E

googlemap Zamami Island→Kumejima Island,Kanegusuku Port
googlemap Kumejima Island,Kanegusuku Port→Zamami Island

Nov 24, 2006
As the ferry berth has moved to the new pier in the southeast side of the Kanegusuku Port,
you may moor your boat at the ex-ferry berth.
The quay was wide open and clean.
There was only one fishing boat at the east side.

I walked for 20 minutes to the town office to submit an application.
Without the application you may use the berth though, it should work when a big work boat comes in the port for example.
You may leave your boat without worry.

There is a gas stand 5 minutes away.

The water is at an office “Hirai Kogyo” at the right side of the ferry building.,
which also has a toilet in the waiting room opening nine to five.
Another western style toilet is at a park in the west.

A coin laundry is at Hotel “Shin-o” 1F in Eafu Beach.
There are a couple of mid-sized supermarkets 7 minutes away.
Inn Kumejima Annex has a shower for JPY300. A Bade House in Okutakeshima has another shower for JPY1000.

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