Kusakabe Port at Uchinomi Bay in Shodo-shima Island    
34 28.400N 134 17.700E 

Berth Berth

Kusakabe Port at Uchinomi Bay in Shodo-shima Island

google map  Tokushima Kencho Pier→Kusakabe of Shodoshima Island
google map  Kusakabe of Shodoshima Island→Naoshima Island
google map  Kusakabe of Shodoshima Island→Ogishima Island
google map  Kusakabe of Shodoshima Island→Yashima Aji Port

June 1, 2014
The status of the port was same with last year’s.
The big supermarket is 20 minutes walk away. You may also take bus services.

September 14, 2013
The status was same with four years ago.
Ask the pontoon restaurant for water and haul a hose from the base of the pontoon.
The water fee is metered. The power fee is JPY500 a day.

May 15, 2009
Approaching Kusakabe Port:
After leaving Ko-Naruto, I encountered many big commercial ships before entering into Kusakabe Port.
As they were crossing my route at right angle, I had to give way to them sometimes.
I sailed in the east of Fukube Island; and passed by Gombebana Promontory to my right; and sailed at 34 28.400N
 134 17.700E.

A white characteristic building with a tower is the boarding gate of sightseeing boats.
In the west of the building, there is a pontoon at the east side of which sail boats can moor alongside.
As the sea bed is covered with seaweed and seagrass, the anchor doesn’t hold it.
The west side of the pontoon is for sightseeing boats.

You go to the pontoon restaurant to check in. The fee is JPY2,000 a day, which is a ten times increase from JPY200 a day.
The port is a quiet and scenic good place.

Toilet is at the boarding gate, which is closed at night.
Provisions: Going east on the avenue and turning to north a little bit, there is a big supermarket “Marunaka”.
Water and fuel services were not confirmed. Looks like no coin laundry.
There are the pontoon restaurant and other restaurants.
This is not “Olive Garden” which has no bathhouse.

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Shodo-shima Islands consists of two towns: Shodo-shima Town and Tonosho Town.
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