Nakano-shima Port in Nakano-shima island, Tokara Islands
29 50.2900N129 50.8700E

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Oct 1, 2006

A beautiful landscape and kind people.
A comfortable port in a comfortable island.
A wonderful place for a stroll. Nakano-shima island has the largest population,
which is just one hundred and a few dozen population though, in Tokara islands.
There is a Museum of Historical Materials, which shows the history and the culture of Tokara islands,
on the top of the hill forty minutes walking away.
It feels good to walk and climb up through trees. You will see the local Tokara horse.
There is also an astronomical observatory which I haven’t visited yet.

Berth: Rounding the end of the breakwater, enter into the left side.
The left side breakwater is the quay for the ferry boat, which also has some fishing boats.
Turn right and go through the narrow entrance,
then there is the innermost boat pool, which is your berth area.
Go into straight against the east quay,
at the center of which around the steps has enough water depth for your mooring.

When I entered into the berth area, someone was watching from somewhere,
and driving down to give me a dock line.
People were kind. I appreciated the young guy, who had a motorboat named “Wadatsumi” on the right side.

The port area was small and sparsely crowded with fishing boats.
As I left next morning, it is not sure though, there might be other boats in other seasons.

No shop. There looked no fuel service.
You have to use a toilet at a construction work office.

There is a clean hot spring 5 minutes away. I felt refreshed with the creamy white hot spring.

Additional Information for English Version

Tokara Islands has 7 inhabited islands and 5 uninhabited islands located
between Yaku-shima and Amami-ohshima in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Japanese web site of Toshima (ten islands in Japanese) Village introduces each island profile.
For Nakano-shima, visit:

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 The creamy white hot spring.