Nii-jima Port at Nii-jima Island, Izu Seven Islands
34 22.220N 139 14.510E 


Nii-jima Port at Nii-jima Island, Izu Seven Islands

google map Nii-jima Port at Nii-jima Island→Wakago Port at Nii-jima Island

May 19, 2012
Approaching Nii-jima Port:
You may have whole view of Nii-jima Port at 34 22.500N 139 14.200E. Passing by a red lighthouse on your right, you move into the port.
It is hard to find a yellow mark at the right end of a breakwater surrounded by tetrapods running from your left.
Go around behind the yellow mark to move more into the port.

The berth for pleasure boats such as sail boats and power boats is designated in the port.
It is a boat pool on your right just after turning left at the port entrance.
Sail boats will be moored usually at the southeast quay in the back of the boat pool.
If two fishing boats are moored alongside there, the remaining space will be just for one boat.
Then you moor at the quay on your left usually, or right.

A big water tap is embedded on the quay floor at the corner of the boat pool.
A clean western style toilet is within a stone’s throw.
Three Onsen (Spa) bathhouses are 10-15 minutes walk away from the port:
- Yunohama open-air hot spring opens 24 hours and requires swim wear. Free
- Mamashita Onsen has a great ocean view. JPY300.
- Nii-jima Hot Spring Lodge, JPY400, has a coin laundry.

Fuel is available at Nii-jima Nenryo (Fuel): 04992-5-0161
Nii-jima Store for provisioning is 10 minutes walk away in downtown Nii-jima.
Restaurants are in downtown Nii-jima and inside the building of Tokai Kisen, a ferry company.

Additional Information for English Version
Nii-jima Village consisting of islands of Nii-jima and Shikine-jima has English translatable website
Nii-jima Port is on the west coast. The east coast has Habushiura Beach which is a world-class surfing point
Downtown Nii-jima and an airport are in the middle of the island.
Tokai Kisen, a ferry company for Izu Seven Islands, has English introduction of each island:
Kuroshio, a strong ocean stream, is running through Izu Seven Islands.
As Kuroshio changes its course frequently, visit Japan Coast Guard’s weekly-updated report:

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