China Fishing Port in Okinoerabu-jima island  
27 19.86OO 128 34.0100E

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Oct 25, 2006
Berth: The port has two areas: the front area and the back area.
The front area has only two small motor boats and other empty space.
Other than in front of the ice making tower, you can moor any place.
Many bitts are put and the water depth is OK.

When I talked to a fisher man at the back area, you can moor any open place in the front and back areas, he said.
While the both areas are calm today, he said, the back area is calmer.
He also said that the anchor holds well. Suggested by the Japanese pilot book, I tied up alongside though.

When I visited again in April 21, 2007, there was a large barge in the front area.
Then, I moved into the back area and moored my boat bow-to.
But, after my fixing the ropes, a local fisher man came and said
this place was no good for mooring because two boats were to be back.
And, as the long anchor rope could be hooked up by fishing boats for squid at night,
mooring alongside was the rule here.

Local people were so kind as to give me mooring advice and help. The berth candidates were:
1) Open space for alongside between two small boats at the opposite shore.
2) Short term open space for alongside that was the space of a boat which was now on the land

Many people were gathering at the quay and talking this and that.
Even the president of the fisheries cooperative association came with his grandson and talked something.
Then, I tied up my boat in from of a Sabani-type boat.

When I was finishing my tying up, a circum-navigation sail boat “Canadian Sunset”
which was together at Ginowan of Okinawa was coming into the port.
The president said the boat can not be moored at the boat pooling space.
Then, I on the land talked it in poor English to the boat far on the sea.
Finally, the president made a decision to moor the boat alongside between the large barge and the ice making tower.
As the president was making decisions, no worry.

Water is at the nearest park.
Toilet is also at the nearest park. Or, a western style is at a park next to a hotel.
Coin laundry is at a hotel for JPY 200.
You can get a map for shopping at a hotel.
A supermarket is 7 minutes away.

A restaurant and a bathhouse are at the hotel “Okierabu Floral Inn”.
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