34 24.400N 133 12.100E 

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Google Map Miyanoura of Omishima→Onomichi

Onomichi Central Visitor Pontoon is located at the north side of Onomichi channel.
As the channel is narrow, 0.1 nm wide, the tidal current is strong.
Check the slack time on the tidal time table before your approaching.
In addition, wakes of commercial boats running the channel are sometimes strong.

Onomichi’s official Japanese-only web site has useful pictures:
Mooring Fee: JPY 1800/day for 30-35ft boat
At the pontoon, Power: JPY 500, Water: JPY 500/day
Fuel at a close-by gas station.
Toilet is located at the side of Chamber of Commerce Building.
A coin laundry is 8 minutes walk away.
The second north side street which runs from west to east is an arcaded shopping street.
The laundry is located near the east end of the street.
A supermarket named “Tsuruya” located near the coin laundry.
There are many restaurants and public bathhouses in the town of Onomichi.
Visit the city’s official English web site:

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