Miyanoura of Omishima Island      
34 15.000N 132 59.300E  

Google Map  Hiroshima Kanon Marina→Miyanoura of Omisima
Google Map  Miyanoura of Omishima→Onomichi

Miyanoura is located at the west side of Omishima island. As there are many shallows, check your chart when you approach the port.
The well-protected port has two pontoons: larger No. 1 pontoon with a roof has berth No. 1, 2, 3 and 4;
smaller No. 2 pontoon with red-colored bridge has berth No. 5 and 6.
The island’s office of Imabari City owns the pontoons and requests your prior notice before your mooring.

Miyanoura’s official Japanese-only web site has useful pictures:

Mooring fee: JPY 1/tonnage
Fuel at 7 minutes walk-away gas station.
Water at Toilet side.
No electrical power supply.
Toilet is located at the side of Town Hall.
A big supermarket 10 minutes walk away
There are good restaurants along the street to the shrine, which is a major shrine in Japan.
There is a big hot spring house 10 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk away.

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