34 23.100N 133 23.400E     

google map Ogishima Island→Sensuijima Island
google map Sensuijima Island→Tomonoura

Sensuijima island is not a final destination for me. It is a stopping point to visit
Tomonoura. I moored my boat here; and then took a tour boat service for Tomonoura.
Every twenty minutes, the tour boat takes you there for ten minutes.

Sensuijima island is located in the north east of the Tomonoura harbor entrance.
As you see the red “T” sign in the map below,
you may moor your boat at the south side of the pontoon which is used for the ferry boat.

As the room is not enough because of the ferry and fishing boats,
you will need to put your boat stern-to, not along-side. The water depth is enough.

When you approach the pontoon from the north, you will see a pole which has two black balls.
As it must be a mark of submerged rocks, be careful !

Public toilet is near the pontoon.
No shopping, no restaurant, nor coin laundry

A hotel called “Kokumin Shukusha” has a public bath service for JPY525.

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