Sumoto Port in Awaji-shima Island 
34 21.000N 134 54.060E

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Sumoto Port in Awaji-shima Island
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October 16, 2014
Approaching Sumoto Port:
Head to the red lighthouse at a breakwater of the port.
A round structure with a silver roof, which is the roof of the large pier for your berth, can be easily seen from a long distance off the port.
There is an one-line breakwater in front of the lighthouse.
Passing by the red lighthouse to your right, enter into the back of the port along another breakwater with the white lighthouse to your left.

Then, you will see the large pier with the silver roof to your right
. Moor at the left side of the pier, which is high from the sea level because it is for high speed big ferries.
Its stainless bitts have large diameters.

Official procedures to moor at the pier:
At the pier, there is a sign which says mooring without permission is prohibited.
The port office requires fax communications for your request and their permission.
You have to pay the fee
through a bank transfer beforehand.
The port office phone: 0799-22-3541, fax:(0799)24-4513

The fee for my two nights stay of 33ft boat was JPY100.
You may moor at the left side and the front side of the pier.
No right side, because the right side looks managed by other than the port office.

Current actuals:
While I stayed there, a few sail boats came and moored at even the right side of the pier either.
They didn’t seem to get the permission beforehand. It looked OK.

Sumoto is the largest town in Awaji-shima Island.
The pier which fee is almost free is convenient for staying. A good port.

Water is at the toilet inside the port terminal building in front of you.
But, its water power was weak.
When I went there, a lavatory cleaner working there advised me to use a big water tap for cleaning works at the ladies toilet.

Toilet is inside the port terminal building, which opens 7am and closes at night.
A public bathhouse “Toko-yu” for JPY420 is 15 minutes away. Closed on Thursdays.
Nearby hotels bathhouses are also available for JPY1,200.

Many gas stands for fuel.
Provisions: There are two big supermarkets: Aeon and Mycal.
There are many convenient stores either.
Many shops and stores in Sumoto are closed on Thursdays.

There is a coin laundry in front of Ohama Park. It is big for JPY1,200
There are many restaurants in Sumoto, as well as “Umemoto Diner” which is famous among yachties.

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