Yoshida in Shodo-shiima island    
34 33.500N 134 21.100E

Google Map Syodoshima Island Yoshida→Ashiya Marina
Google Map  Shiraishijima island→Shodoshima Island Yoshida

Oct 6, 2013
Anchoring off the shore is the basic at Yoshida. There is a pier for tender boats.

The both sides of the pier have room for a couple of boats though,
your sail boat should not approach there because of its shallow water depth.
Away from the pontoon, your sail boat should ride at anchor. See the red circle in the map below.
Then, go to the pier with a tender boat.

In the picture below, you may see the pier;
and my red-colored boat at anchor off the pier where the depth is enough.

In front of the pier, there is a restaurant of Sea Tiger Island Inn with showers and toilets.

Additional Information for English Versio
The town of Shodo-shima has English web site:
Yoshida is a wonderful anchoring spot.
The pier is owned by Sea Tiger Island Inn, which has Japanese Facebook page:

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 Pontoon  Away from the pontoon