Nishino-omote Port in Tanega-shima island
30 44.6000N130 59.0000E

Sep 25, 2006

Google Map Utinoura→Nishino-omote Port in Tanega-shima island
Google Map Nishino-omote Port in Tanega-shima island→Miyanoura Port in Yaku-shima island

I always spend one day for sightseeing and exploring at any place.
But, as a bad weather was forecasted on the way to my next port,
I had to leave Tanega-shima next morning.
Then, this report had only limited information on the day of arrival.

Nishino-omote has three ports: Old Port, New Port which is in the back of the ferry terminal, and the right side.
I headed to Old Port, which I had heard the best was.
A guy of the sightseeing information center said some yachts came to New Port, which is close to the downtown.

As the right side of the unloading place was empty,
I moored the boat there temporally and asked the fisheries cooperative if there was OK.
They said that, as a boat was to come back there,
another berth space was at the right end of the west quay which had the ice machine.
As people of the fishing boats were friendly and kind, I had a very good impression here on them.

Shopping: While there is a small A-COOP supermarket at hand,
there is a varied-selection supermarket six minutes away.
Toilet with western styles is in front of A-COOP.
Coin laundry is next to A-COOP.
A bathhouse is available for JPY 1500 at Hotel New Tanegashima, for JPY600 at Tanegashima Royal Hotel, far away.
Water is available at a tap in front of the ice machine, a fisherman said.

There are many restaurants. “Imoto” crowded with local people had a pretentious building though,
it served good enough dishes with reasonable prices.

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