Ushimado Old Port    
34 36.84 134 09.8      

Google Map Tonosyou Higash Port of Awajishima Island-Ushimado Yacht Harbor
Google Map Ushimado Old Port-Kiba Yacht Harbo

Ushimado is a part of Setouchi City, which has the English web site:

There is a pontoon in Ushimado Old Port owned by Okayama Prefecture.
The east one of two pontoons is available.
Its west side which is not facing the ferry pier will be more calm for your mooring.
You may stay here for a couple of days.

I strongly recommend your mooring at historic Ushimado.
Hundreds years ago, the Korean diplomatic corps were always staying Ushimado Old Port to relieve the weariness of their long journey from Korea to Japan.
You can enjoy its beautiful and calm cityscape.

I moved my boat from Ushimado Yacht Harbor to Old Port here,
when I read the sign at the pontoon:
“You may freely use this pontoon managed by Okayama Prefecture.
No long stay please for more new visitors. No mooring without crew.”

Water and Toilet at Tourist Information Center.
Fuel, Restaurants and a midsized supermarket are near.
No shower, no public bathhouse nor coin laundry.

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