Wakago Fishing Port at Nii-jima Island, Izu Seven Islands                        
34 25.150N 139 16.600E



Wakago Fishing Port at Nii-jima Island, Izu Seven Islands
google map Nii-jima Port at Nii-jima Island→Wakago Port at Nii-jima Island
google map Wakago Port at Nii-jima Island→Motomachi Port at Ohshima Islan

May 20, 2012
Approaching Wakago Port:
You may have whole view of Wakago Port at 34 25.220N 139 16.700E. Passing by a red lighthouse on your right, you move into the port.

Berth at Wakago:
A local fisherman suggested me that you may moor at the jetty on your left in the innermost boat pool.
A Japanese sail magazine introduced mooring at the jetty on your right just after rounding the red lighthouse.
But, as it faces to outside, it will be a rolling berth on non-quiet days.

A fisherman allowed me to use a water tap with a long hose at the end of the warehouse in front of me.
The nearest 24-hour-open Japanese style toilet is at the end of Gyokyo , Fisheries Cooperative Association, building.
There is a western style toilet at the end of Wakago Maehama Beach, which is far from the berth.

To enjoy Onsen (Spa), you have to take a bus to Nii-jima Port area.
Three Onsen bathhouses are shown on my page of Nii-jima Port.

There are two small shops which deal in vegetables and meat for your provisioning.
There is no restaurant or no coin laundry.
I didn’t check the availability of fuel.

Additional Information for English Version
Nii-jima Village consisting of islands of Nii-jima and Shikine-jima has English translatable website:
Tokai Kisen, a ferry company for Izu Seven Islands, has English introduction of each island:
Kuroshio, a strong ocean stream, is running through Izu Seven Islands.
As Kuroshio changes its course frequently, visit Japan Coast Guard’s weekly-updated report:


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