Wakayama Marina City Yacht Club 
34 09.700N 135 10.400E 

Berth Berth

Wakayama Marina City Yacht Club

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October 17, 2007
Approaching Wakayama Marina City:
It is easy to find out the entrance of the marina, once you close to 34 09.700N 135 10.400E.
The marina for sailing boats is named as Wakayama Marina City Yacht Club. See “Additional Information for English Version” below.

At first, put your boat at a pontoon for fueling running from east to west.
Then go to the harbor office for check-in; and move your boat to the visitor berth in the south, which is wide and open.
It is calm with no wave or no rolling.

Toilet is inside the harbor office which is open daytime.
At night, use a public toilet at the opposite side of a road of a bathhouse which is in front of the visitor berth.

There is a coin laundry which has a small good dryer machine in the harbor.
Provisions: Shops have vegetables and fishes. No big supermarket.
Fuel is available in the harbor.
There are many restaurants around.
A big Onsen, or hot spring, bathhouse is next to.
No water or no power is at the visitor pontoon.
You have to walk to the harbor office.
It is a long walk because of a bad layout design of the marina !

Additional Information for English Version
Wakayama Marina City on an artificial island is a seaside resort complex with marinas, hotels, restaurants, bathhouses, local products markets and shops:
Its Japanese web site has more information of marinas and others:
The marina for sailing boats is named as Wakayama Marina City Yacht Club.
phone: 073-448-0033  mail: yacht@marinacity.com
Information in Japanese for visitors:

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